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San Clemente Festival Francisco Nieva to Award Silvia Marsó and Arturo Querejeta with Honorary Prize

Silvia Marsó and Arturo Querejeta will receive the Honour Award of the eighth edition of the Francisco Nieva Regional Theatre Festival, which takes place from March 16 to 25 in San Clemente, and recognises the extensive theatrical careers of both actors.

The amateur theatre festival returns to full normality in this eighth edition, with new features that will fill the streets and monumental spaces of San Clemente with theatre, as highlighted by the Mayor of the town, Charo Sevillano, during the festival presentation at the Provincial Palace of the Diputación.

Teresa Valeriano, the festival director, has been responsible for unveiling the festival programme, which encompasses ten days of activities and new proposals, such as a route of dramatised readings of classical theatre texts in the town’s libraries and educational centres.

Additionally, a radio theatre piece will be broadcast, and for the first time, professional works will be programmed, including one from the Castilla-La Mancha Performing Arts Network, ‘En el kilómetro 523’, by the company 300 Alas Blancas.

Within the programme of the Francisco Nieva Festival, bursting with free activities, the exhibition of the Santa Maria del Campo Rus travelling theatre wagon has been included. It was used by actor Cristian Casares to travel around the country and stands out for its paintings from Lorca’s barraca. Valeriano emphasises that this act reinforces the participation of the region in the festival.

The programme consists of an inaugural parade, literary recitals in different corners of San Clemente, a masterclass by Heidi Steinhardt, performances by educational centres, a play from the San Clemente severe disabilities centre, a macro-exhibition of theatre scale models, and a café gathering in which reading clubs participate in a town that is fully committed to this festival, where there are theatrical tapas in bars and themed decorations on facades.

Moreover, in this edition, the Francisco Nieva Festival allies for the first time with the Violeta Festival to be part of this circuit that puts the focus on the role of performing arts in promoting equality.

Regarding the amateur theatre competition, participating companies from Argamasilla De Alba, Talavera de la Reina, and Almagro will receive a €1,200 financial aid and compete for awards for the best play, actors, scenography, and direction. The judges will be Ana Belén Casas, Javier Sahuquillo, and Conchita Piña. The subscription to see all the plays of the competition, including the closing gala, costs €12.

During the presentation of the Francisco Nieva Festival, the delegate of Culture, Fátima García, announced the third edition of the Diputación amateur theatre competition is now published. Like in the previous edition, the semifinals will be held in towns yet to be determined and the final at the José Luis Perales Auditorium in the capital. The allocation for prizes amounts to €10,000.

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